Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 months wahoo!!

Well I am finally on time with one of my posts....Lily is 7 months old TODAY! She is such a big girl, I cannot beleive it. As I always say Lily is constantly changing, but it's true! She learns new things everyday. Her newest "thing" is saying "da-da" it is the cutest sound I have ever heard. Her little voice is soooo sweet. Im sure you can imagine how this makes her Daddy feel. I have noticed some new variations she has been saying like ya-ya and so on. So we will see what sound she will make next!! I am trying for ma-ma but I think that one is a little too difficult for her :) Lily can fully sit on her own. when she does tip over she is either reaching for something or she just simply wants to change positions. She has learned how to stick her arm out and "cushion" her fall. It is very cute. I think our next purchase will need to be some baby gates. She isn't crawling yet, but I have a feeling that will be the next thing for her. Swimming lessons are starting soon and I am sooooo excited. Once we do start I am sure I will be posting about that as often as I can. No stats this month since she wont have a dr appt until 9 mos. As always here are some pictures of our little Mini.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2 things successfully mastered!!

#1 Lily fully sitting up on her longer a supported sitter!!
#2 Putting her hair in a pony tail with more than 2 hairs in it!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

2010 Winter Olympics

We have been pretty much glued to our TV every evening watching the winter olympics! We usually are more into the summer olympics but these winter games have got us hooked! We have been watching EVERYTHING from ice dancing to snowboarding. Shout out to Shaun White....he was AMAZING!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

SIX months = AWESOME!

Our little Lily is 6 months old! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. Lily is constantly changing and discovering. I love it. She has been loving solid foods for about a month now. Sweet potatoes are her favorite but she has tried applesauce, peaches, pears, bananas, prunes, peas, green beans, squash, and carrots. She seems to love everything that she tries. She is such a good girl! She also loves her rice cereal and oatmeal. Lily has learned how to drink from a sippy cup and so far she has had water, apple juice, pear juice and white grape juice. She absolutely loves them all! Our little girl rolls from back to front and front to back....she is getting very mobile. Yesterday, she was starting to bring her knees up in the crawling position...I have to say it freaked me out a little!! haha. She has learned to sit up on her own, she still tips over from time to time but overall she does great. Lily is still such a chatterbox! she squeals and coos so loud! She absolutely loves the attention :) she gets that from her dad. I swear we have the happiest baby ever, it is very rare that she fusses or cries. when she does it is usually because she is hungry or tired. Lily will be starting swimming lessons in March ( at 7 mos) she will learn survival techniques like how to flip over and float on her back. I am very excited to start! We love our little angel so much! Lily you are the best!

6 month stats:

weight: 15 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile)
height: 26 1/2 inches (90th percentile)

absolutely perfect!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dice, Dice, Dice man!!

Let me just start by saying I love my brand new nephew! I really do! It is so awesome being a FIRST TIME auntie. It is such a different feeling...I never thought it would be but I just love the kid so dang much I feel like I might burst! So thank you Josh and Sarah for making me an auntie and Brad an uncle. I am so excited that Lily has a cousin, I just know they are going to be the best of friends.

Well little Dice entered this world on January 31st. He was 6 lbs 13 oz and 18 1/2 inches. Sarah was such a trooper. She was in labor for a full 24 hours before the little guy finally came crying into this world...and cry he did! I had the opportunity to join the grandmas at the hospital all night and wait for him to be born. I cant even tell you the feeling when we FINALLY got to see him after waiting 8 hrs in the waiting room. I am so happy for Josh and Sarah. They have embarked on such a fantastic journey. Thank you to both of them for allowing me to be a part of their miracle. :)

First play date!

Well Lily officially had her first play date with her bff Kaytleigh! They had so much fun together. It was cute to see how Lily interacted with another baby. They did really well together. Kaytleigh is 9 mos and Lily is only six but they still had a lot of fun. Cant wait for the summer when they can go swimming together.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, this has NOT been a great month for us. 4 deaths...from close friends, not so close friends, to family members. I am really hoping this is the end of it. I have decided to start my year with February. Who needs January? It is cold, dark, and everyone is sick of winter. One great thing that happened in January was that my mom came out to stay. I love when she is here!! We went shopping, got pedicures, and just had a grand time. Also, we did our taxes the other day and we are actually getting a refund! Hallelujah!! Thank you house, Lily, maternity leave, and part time job. First time ever for us. Seems a little backwards that a big reason for it is that I worked less and went part time. ANYWAYS....bring on February. I will be in more of a blogging mood. I will have a new nephew...actually my FIRST nephew!!! Valentines day. Super Bowl. Brad getting wisdom teeth out (not great for him, but good for me because I wont have to hear any more complaining). Lily will be 6 months old. and hopefully many more great things to come!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas 2009!

Yes...I am a little late with my Christmas post...but at least I am finally doing it! Lily had such a great first Christmas! It has been my very favorite Christmas so far :) it was so much fun even though she didnt really catch on to much. She did love the wrapping paper though. Lily is such a spoiled girl! she got tons of new toys and clothes. This Christmas was the best just because we had our little girl with us. Last year she was with us, but not in the same way. I cannot wait for more holidays to come. Brad and I didnt do as much for eachother as we have in years past, but I think both of us still got spoiled :)