Friday, February 19, 2010

SIX months = AWESOME!

Our little Lily is 6 months old! I cannot believe how fast the time has flown. Lily is constantly changing and discovering. I love it. She has been loving solid foods for about a month now. Sweet potatoes are her favorite but she has tried applesauce, peaches, pears, bananas, prunes, peas, green beans, squash, and carrots. She seems to love everything that she tries. She is such a good girl! She also loves her rice cereal and oatmeal. Lily has learned how to drink from a sippy cup and so far she has had water, apple juice, pear juice and white grape juice. She absolutely loves them all! Our little girl rolls from back to front and front to back....she is getting very mobile. Yesterday, she was starting to bring her knees up in the crawling position...I have to say it freaked me out a little!! haha. She has learned to sit up on her own, she still tips over from time to time but overall she does great. Lily is still such a chatterbox! she squeals and coos so loud! She absolutely loves the attention :) she gets that from her dad. I swear we have the happiest baby ever, it is very rare that she fusses or cries. when she does it is usually because she is hungry or tired. Lily will be starting swimming lessons in March ( at 7 mos) she will learn survival techniques like how to flip over and float on her back. I am very excited to start! We love our little angel so much! Lily you are the best!

6 month stats:

weight: 15 lbs 9 oz (50th percentile)
height: 26 1/2 inches (90th percentile)

absolutely perfect!!!


Lindsey @ Inspiring Creations said...

she is adorable! they are so fun at that age! where are you doing the swimming lessons at?

Tanisha said...

where are you doing the lessons? i have been thinking that i want to put my baby in swimming lessons too. i didn't know how many classes were actually offered though.

B,R and L said...

The only place that does it close by is in Sandy at the LIfe Center Athletic Club. They have a heated pool. The teacher only teaches private lessons. It usually takes 16 lessons for a beginner. If you go to infant and find the instructors for Utah you will find Alba Mcgowan. She is really nice and you can email her from there!