Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bradley's 23 Birthday

First off, I think Brad had the longest Birthday celebration ever! I feel like we celebrated it for 3 weeks straight ( I don't think he minded that ). He turned 23 on the 23rd this year so it was his special birthday. We were able to go bowling with the Simons' side and we all had a blast. I am pretty sure I lost horribly on both games, but its the fun that counts right?? Everyone had a good time and we were glad that everyone was able to come. On Brad's actual birthday we both took the day off. I took him to the Living Planet Aquarium, which was pretty amazing. Neither of us had ever seen a sea horse or an octopus in real we were just as amazed as all the five year olds running around us. They have a pool where you can pet stingrays ( which are very slimy) and they also had a big tank full of different types of sharks. We had a lot of fun. That weekend we were able to spend time with my side of the family. Brad got his favorite dinner cooked for him and i think he was happy about that! We also had a little get together with all our close friends....which was definitely a night to remember. 

Bradley bought a new barbeque with all of his birthday money. That is something he has wanted since we moved in our house. It goes perfectly with our new patio furniture, so now we are just waiting for the weather to finally get warm :) Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes from everyone, you really made it a special day for him!