Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hale Center Theater

This week we were so lucky to be able to get away for an evening to go see The Christmas Carol play at Hale Center Theater. We went with my side of the family and we had such an amazing time! The play was sooooo GOOD, it exceeded both mine and Brad's expectations. After the play we went to eat at the new restaurant in Orem called Pirate Isand! It is actually a pretty cool place. Very good place for a fun family dinner! We missed our little Lily, but it was sure nice to go out with the adults :) Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful evening!!

Yes we have a four month old!

Lily is four months old!! (actually 4 1/2) I cannot believe how fast the time has flown...but I say that every time! Lily is at such a fun age. We are constantly getting a kick out of her. She is such a happy baby and I am so glad for that. Lily is up to sooo many new things...a few of them are: grabbing toys on her own and playing, she puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, she is a great little supported sitter, laughing/giggling, she is a TALKER...she goes on and on making new noises it is hilarious, Lily sleeps all through the night..her last feeding is at 9 pm then she doesnt eat again until 5 or 6!! Lily is also teething which makes her a little drool monster on top of her spitting up....yes she still spits up A LOT but the doc gave me the green light on rice cereal so I am hoping the cereal will help her with that!


12 lbs 14 oz 50th percentile
24 1/2 inches long 75th percentile....yes she is still a little tall :)

we love you Lily!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving post...a little late

It's never to late to express the things you are thankful for...right!? I figure it hasnt quite been a week since Thanksgiving so I am still doing ok. We had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving this year. We enjoyed some great...and I mean GREAT food and some good ole fashioned family time. I seriously stuffed myself to the brim, but I dont feel guilty :) Lily sat right there at the table with us and she slept through the whole feast. Next year hopefully she will be covered in mashed potatoes!

* I am so grateful for my daughter. She is my ray of sunshine. I am thankful that I had such a healthy pregnancy and that she made it here safe and sound. I am so grateful for her health and her beautiful smiling face. She turns any bad day into a good one. I love you Lily Rae!

* I love love love my husband. He is the most positive force in my life and I am so thankful for that. Love you forever Bradley.

* I am so grateful for our jobs. Especially at a time like this. We both have jobs we enjoy and I feel so lucky that we both can provide for our little family.

* I am thankful for my moms, dads, brothers, sisters,....etc ALL of you mean the world to me. Thank You for everything you do or have done for us. It DOES NOT go unnoticed.

* I am so grateful for my home. I always feel safe and cozy inside these walls. I love that we can call it OUR OWN.

* FRIENDS. you know who you are, and you know I love you.

* I am thankful for the food in my belly. I am glad that we have food to eat and that we dont have to go hungry. Thank you Tom Turkey!!