Sunday, July 6, 2008


Brad and I were both lucky to have a three day holiday weekend. I was very excited because Brad does not have holidays off as often as I do :) We woke up early on Friday and decided to go eat breakfast at Ihop. The only problem was that so did everyone else in American Fork! Luckily it is just the two of us so we didnt have a thirty minute wait like some other families. There is no better way to start your Fourth of July day than to eat red, white, and blueberry pancakes! They were wonderful. Next, we decided to make our way to the mall do some shopping and catch a movie with the family. We went and saw Hancock. It was not a super great movie, like we thought it was going to be. The story was a bit lacking...but we still had a fun time.

The best part of the day was of course the FIREWORKS! Brad's family watches the staduim of fire fireworks every year. they set up blankets and chairs near the marriot center. Brad talked me into driving there on the scooter. I really did not want to drive that long of a way on the scooter, but I gave in. It really did turn out to be a fun little ride :) So, we are all sitting on the blankets talking and having a good time. Out of nowhere we hear this squirting noise....I feel a little water on my face and i was thinking someone was squirting us with water guns. Needless to say, I am a little slow. The sprinklers came right on!! we were all scrambling and running to pick up our things, while trying not to get soaked!! It was actually pretty funny :) We had to move our things across the street to a different area. The fireworks were so great!! They really do get better every year. We had such a fun and family filled fourth of July. Thanks everyone!

P.S. we saw WALL E on Saturday. Now that movie is worth seeing! It was soooo cute. Everyone needs to go out and see it :)


Shawna Moake said...

I love that the sprinklers came on. It always seems to happen when you are having fun :) I could not agree more that the fireworks were awesome!!! I loved them. I am glad that you had fun. My family went and saw Hancock and they said it was ok but had tons and tons of swearing. I really wanted to see that one. I think I am going to see Wall E next week sometime!!

Anonymous said...

hey, Rachael. it sounds like you keep your selves busy! we had the same luck here in I.F. with our IHOP. only, we didnt want to wait, so we went else-where. i am glad that you had a fun weekend. keep in touch.
much love,