Friday, July 18, 2008

DAD'S 50th Birthday!

So my dad turned 50 yesterday! I know can you beleive it?? Ok ok so its not that old and he claims he feels fantastic. That is all that matters right? So, we attempted to throw him a suprise dinner at brick oven ( key word being ATTEMPTED). Of course he knew exactly what was coming! My father cannot be fooled...this is true. The dinner turned out to be great and it was fun to be around my side of the family. Yes, it has been a while :) We filled the room with black balloons and he ended up getting an " over the hill" survival kit, great idea Ulene! All in all it was a great day and I think he loved it.

Side note: I locked my keys inside my house yesterday. Thats right, I left my keys on the counter and locked the door behind me. then i went to start my car....hahaha oh wait I dont have my keys! I was on my way to pick up my friend to take her to get her car out of the shop, I started freaking out. So I went over to the realtors office of pebblewood...I dont know why because I knew they woudlnt keep a key to the house we own, but I was desperate. So Nate the guy in the office decides to be a good samaritan and help me out. We tried many of them being to climb on the roof to see if my window was unlocked, it was but the ladder was not tall enough. Next, we tried to see if any of the construction workers could pick locks somehow (CREEPY) Then, since my dead bolt was not locked Nate decided to try to unlock the door with a credit card. I was thinking ummmm not in a million years is this clean cut goody good realtor going to be able to jimmy my door. Magically all of a sudden the door pops open!! he looked about as shocked as I was! I almost hugged him but refrained (which was awkward). I was so happy and glad that I didnt have to ditch my friend in her time of need :) Also, there is a lesson to be learned....Lock your dead bolts because it is obviously not hard to open a door with a credit card. Unless Nate is holding back on us in someway.....



Shawna Moake said...

Oh the joys of leaving your keys somewhere and getting locked out of the place they are. I am glad you got in but that is a little scary!! I once locked my keys in my car while it was running...that was a great moment in my life!! ha ha. Oh how I love my great blonde moments!! It sounds like you had fun with your family :)

the weight family said...

I have also locked my keys in the was interesting to say the least since it was winter still! I will be locking my deadbolt from now on! I thought the credit card trick was just something they did in the!