Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zoom Zoom!

Yes! We finally got rid of our Jeep! It was a long time coming and let me tell you I am soooo glad it is finally gone. A couple weeks ago we decided to purchase a 2007 Mazda CX-7. We had been looking for a while and one that we really liked finally came into Carmax :) we got a great deal and everything just seemed to fall into place. We are loving the car! It feels great to have something a little more reliable. The Jeep was a good car, but it was definitly time for it to go. Since you are all probably wondering.....NO, I am not going to make Brad drive the Beetle so I can drive the new car!I still LOVE my Beetle. Apparently that is the joke going around Brad's work :)


WelshgirlinAmerica said...

Love it! We got a new car too i need to get pics up! :) We need to go to lunch i miss you!

Shawna Moake said...

Yeah yeah Mazdas are so much fun :) so cute!!!