Tuesday, August 12, 2008

camping trip to the uintas

Last weekend we were able to take a day off work and go up to the uintas for the annual camping trip! my family goes every year on the second weekend in august. it was nice to just take some time off and relax. we both love being up in the mountains. we went hiking and enjoyed some great camp fires. it only rained for a little bit on saturday, so it wasnt too bad.

sarah, josh, brad and rachael toughing out the rain

brad rachael and cousin keltsie

a moose!

our very cute twin cousins


Tasha Murdock said...

hey, Rachael! Sounds like a great trip... if not alittle rainy, but what is a camping trip with out alittle rain? have you moved over to plesent grove branch yet?
keep in touch.

WelshgirlinAmerica said...

Rachael you are su funny! That pic i adorable! You always look stunning! How's the new branch? :( Just kidding, i'm happy for you. Your camping trip looked great, love ot up there!