Thursday, March 4, 2010

7 months wahoo!!

Well I am finally on time with one of my posts....Lily is 7 months old TODAY! She is such a big girl, I cannot beleive it. As I always say Lily is constantly changing, but it's true! She learns new things everyday. Her newest "thing" is saying "da-da" it is the cutest sound I have ever heard. Her little voice is soooo sweet. Im sure you can imagine how this makes her Daddy feel. I have noticed some new variations she has been saying like ya-ya and so on. So we will see what sound she will make next!! I am trying for ma-ma but I think that one is a little too difficult for her :) Lily can fully sit on her own. when she does tip over she is either reaching for something or she just simply wants to change positions. She has learned how to stick her arm out and "cushion" her fall. It is very cute. I think our next purchase will need to be some baby gates. She isn't crawling yet, but I have a feeling that will be the next thing for her. Swimming lessons are starting soon and I am sooooo excited. Once we do start I am sure I will be posting about that as often as I can. No stats this month since she wont have a dr appt until 9 mos. As always here are some pictures of our little Mini.