Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 weeks...kind of!

Little Lily bug is actually 9 weeks old as of yesterday. I waited to post so that I could put her stats up. Lily is growing and changing like crazy!! I swear she hit 8 weeks and all of these sudden changes started occuring. She smiles at her mommy and daddy when she sees them, she is cooing like crazy, she loves to lay on her blanket and play with her toys ( well look at her toys), she loves to suck on her fingers, she sticks out her tongue ALL the time, she can stare at the ceiling fan for a very long time ( thats how I get ready in the mornings), she has become a little splashing machine in the tub it is so much fun to watch! I still feed her once in the middle of the night, but she is getting better and better. We love our sweet girl soooo much and I dont know what we ever did without her! She is our everything. Lily also has a little bit of an attitude....when she is hungry, she is HUNGRY and she doesnt want to wait! She doesnt like to stop in the middle to burp either. My mom calls her "little spunky" and she is RIGHT ON. What can I say though, we love her little spunky personality!!

at nine weeks Lily weighs: 10 lbs 2 oz ( 50th percentile)
height: 23 inches long ( 90th percentile)

Yep! pretty sure she is going to be tall like her daddy!!


WelshgirlinAmerica said...

I cannot believe how different she looks! Still completely adorable of course :)
I'm almost half way there, pretty soon Lily will have a play buddy :)

Mel Brown said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! I wish I could meet her. You are so lucky!

Tasha said...

Wow, Rae! I can totally see you in these pictures, she is absolutely beautiful. --Good job to Lily on her stats! Your so lucky, Briton (13 1/2 months old) still gets up in the night. Maybe one of these days, right?