Thursday, November 27, 2008


words cannot express how wonderful this concert was! We loved it, and we had awesome seats ( thanks to some awesome parents) They played an hour and a half set and it was so entertaining the whole time. Chris Martin ( lead singer) did not stop dancing and running around the stage the whole time. He was fantastic. None of us wanted the show to ever end. I cant wait until we can see them again! Best Birthday present ever!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, Rachael. Sounds like the concert was a blast. I didnt go see the Twilight movie because I really hate to be disapointed by movies when I love the book, so I am glad to hear your opinion of it... saves me some $ and time. Good to hear from you!

Shawna Moake said...

I wanted to go to that concert :( I am glad you got to go. I hope all is going well!!!

Mel said...

You went to the cold play concert! I am totally jealous! I hope you had a blast. You'll have to tell me how it was. I miss you!