Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bradley's new scooter!!

  So, finally after years and years of wanting to buy a scooter he finally did. We made a deal...I have been wanting to get a VW beetle for as long as I can remember, so the deal is I get a beetle and Brad gets a scooter!! Pretty good deal, eh? Works out great for us both :) 

We went up to Logan last week to pick up the scooter and bring it home. It was such a long trip! Neither of us had even been to Logan and honestly I dont think we will be going back soon. It is so far away! We got it home just in time for that huge rain storm that lasted days and days. Finally last Saturday we were able to go out and ride it around. It really has been so much fun and really great on gas. Brad has been riding it to work this week, and he is really enjoying himself.

As for the beetle.....its on its way from the Arizona Carmax! Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Finally! After months and months of waiting the American Idol finale is next week! I have to say that I agree one hundred percent with America's decision to send the two Davids into the final round. They both are super talented artists, so I personally will be happy with whoever wins the competition. Although, in the past couple of weeks i have been leaning a little more towards David Cook for some reason....I really don't know why. Well we will see what happens next week :) Actually I am excited to have my Tuesday and Wednesday nights back!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Jazz Game 5/2/08

Go Jazz Go! Well yes, as you probably guessed we went to the jazz game last friday! It was so great to finally make it out to a game when we have been talking about it for months now. We got to see them kick the Rockets out of the running and it was so great to be there for it.

I'll tell you one thing...when people say that The Energy Solutions Arena is the loudest arena in the NBA, they are not kidding! I seem to forget that every time we go. It is crazy in there, but it makes it that much more fun. Hopefully we will get to make it to another game before the season is over. Beat LA!