Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, this has NOT been a great month for us. 4 deaths...from close friends, not so close friends, to family members. I am really hoping this is the end of it. I have decided to start my year with February. Who needs January? It is cold, dark, and everyone is sick of winter. One great thing that happened in January was that my mom came out to stay. I love when she is here!! We went shopping, got pedicures, and just had a grand time. Also, we did our taxes the other day and we are actually getting a refund! Hallelujah!! Thank you house, Lily, maternity leave, and part time job. First time ever for us. Seems a little backwards that a big reason for it is that I worked less and went part time. ANYWAYS....bring on February. I will be in more of a blogging mood. I will have a new nephew...actually my FIRST nephew!!! Valentines day. Super Bowl. Brad getting wisdom teeth out (not great for him, but good for me because I wont have to hear any more complaining). Lily will be 6 months old. and hopefully many more great things to come!!


WelshgirlinAmerica said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough month. *huge hug*

Vikki said...

I was having such a crappy day until I pulled up your blog and saw your darling pictures! I swear Lily can cure whatever you're going thru just with a smile. I thank God everyday for our beautiful family. I love you all!

Tasha said...

I am sorry you had a bad month. I love the pictures of Lily. She is such a doll.